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New Zealand's COVID******

The New Zealand government on Wednesday decided to reduce the interval between a person's primary COVID-19 vaccination course and the booster from four months to three months so that more people can take their booster jabs as soon as possible.

A million more New Zealanders over 18 will be eligible for their boosters from this Friday when the decision takes effect, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins told a press conference.

The government has considered advice from the Director-General of Health and the COVID-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group, Hipkins said.

"This is a significant step in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic" as it now means more than 3.06 million people aged 18 and over -- two thirds of the population -- will be eligible for their boosters from this weekend, he said, adding more than 1.3 million people have already got boosters.

"We are in a race against Omicron and the more people who are boosted the more we can reduce the impact of the outbreak," Hipkins said.

Bringing forward the booster timing will help those who have been immunized more recently. It will mean more people, especially Maori, will be able to receive a booster before Omicron takes hold in communities, he said.

To date, about 94 percent of the eligible people in New Zealand are fully vaccinated with at least two doses. That is close to 4 million Kiwis, over a quarter of whom have now also had their booster shots, according to the minister.

New Zealand recorded 142 new community cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, with 103 in the largest city Auckland, 12 in nearby Waikato, five in Bay of Plenty, two in the Lakes region, and 11 in Northland, said the Ministry of Health in a statement.

Chinese mainland claims 7 of world's top 100 universities in latest THE ranking******

LONDON, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- Times Higher Education (THE) on Wednesday revealed its World Reputation Rankings 2021, in which seven of the world's 100 most prestigious universities are from the Chinese mainland.

Of the seven, Tsinghua University and Peking University are ranked 10th and 15th respectively while the other five are Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, University of Science and Technology of China and Nanjing University.

The annual list, compiled from a globally representative survey of more than 10,000 senior academics, highlights the world's top 200 most prestigious universities.

All of the Chinese mainland's universities that appeared in last year's ranking either climb the table or hold onto their positions for a second year, while five new universities appear in the ranking, giving the Chinese mainland a record 17 representatives in the table.

"(The) Chinese mainland's breakthrough into the top 10 and its results across the table show that its excellence in higher education is increasingly coming to the notice of the wider world," said Phil Baty, THE's chief knowledge officer at Times Higher Education.

"That fact means we could see a shift in the balance of power in global higher education over the coming years as (the) Chinese mainland becomes a more attractive proposition for academics and students to work and study," he noted. "This could not only cause issues for the likes of the U.S. and (the) UK in terms of attracting talent(s), but also funding and prestige on the world stage," he said.

The ranking, comprising 202 universities from 29 countries and regions, sees Harvard University in the United States retain its position at the very top of the table, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology retaining the second place and Britain's University of Oxford climbing two places to the third.

THE is a magazine reporting specifically on news and issues related to higher education. Enditem

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China's Beibu Gulf Port sees rise in cargo throughput******

NANNING, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Beibu Gulf Port in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region saw its cargo throughput rise 10.29 percent year on year to over 200 million tonnes in the first nine months of 2021.

Over 4.18 million twenty-foot equivalent unit containers were handled at the port during the same period, up 19.11 percent year on year, according to the Beibu Gulf Port Group.

Beibu Gulf Port currently has more than 270 productive berths. Over 50 shipping routes link the gulf with more than 300 ports around the world.

Guangxi's Beibu Gulf serves as an important transit point in the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, a trade and logistics passage jointly built by western Chinese provincial regions and Singapore. Enditem

120W快充加持给你超预期体验 Redmi Note 11 Pro 测评******

  因为用户的需求量更加多样化,技术性的迭代更新也变的越来越快,从去年逐渐Redmi Note系列产品打开一年几代的迭代更新对策,一代商品会对焦于完美的性能,打造出性能小旗舰级;另一代会更为重视纯净水桶感受,打造出感受小旗舰级,而且几代商品并且在售,达到用户愈来愈多样化和多元化的消费市场。

  Redmi Note系列产品能够说成Redmi手机上的销售量当担,因而每一款Redmi Note系列产品新产品针对Redmi而言是十分关键的,不仅要保证商品的升级,也是要实现让用户令人满意,因而在全新升级的Note 11系列产品中,Redmi提升了许多高档机才有的配备,因而卢伟冰也在微博上表明Note 11系列产品是一款洗心革面的Note。

  今日,Redmi Note 11系列产品首次公布,大家也早已提早取得了Redmi Note 11 Pro 的测试机,一起来看下今日的测评內容。


  在外形上边的,Redmi Note 11 Pro 带来的更改是比较突出的,整体机身采用了有棱有角的斜角设计方案,针对喜爱直屏的用户而言,Redmi Note 11 Pro 是一个很好的挑选。Redmi Note 11 Pro 的外壳薄厚仅有8.34mm,净重为204g,触感也是特别非常好的。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 的全整体机身r角均为8.45,不仅在视觉效果上开展了统一,并且在抓握手机上的过程中也会愈发的舒服,这类小细节上的提升也会带来更强的感受。

  在整体机身后背,Redmi Note 11 Pro 采用了AG夹层玻璃,带来更强的层次感及其手感,而且不容易染上指纹识别,那样的设计方案也多被旗舰手机所采用。测试机为迷雾森林颜色,在光源映照下能展现出十分有层次感的翠绿色,长相也可能是Redmi Note 11 Pro 的一大闪光点。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 配备了JBL技术专业校音的双环绕声音箱,适用杜比全景声。手机上依然保存了3.5mm的耳机插孔,针对喜欢音乐的年青用户而言,Redmi Note 11 Pro 能够让耳麦应用上拥有越来越多的挑选。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 将指纹识别与开机键合二为一,通过感受,指纹识别的速度精确度都十分非常好,并且开机键部位也十分的随手,盲解也彻底没有问题,应用一段时间你能发觉比显示屏指纹识别更便捷。

  在本次公布上公布的另一款手机上Redmi Note11在设计方案上则采用了含有弧型的背部设计方案,一样采用了AG夹层玻璃后盖板,因而在层次感层面也是十分优异的。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 与Redmi Note 11 采用了不一样的设计理念,大伙儿在购买时能够按照自身的爱好来挑选。


  Redmi Note 11 Pro 采用的是6.67英寸三星AMOLED屏幕,屏幕分辨率为2400×1080,适用DCI-P3广色域,在展示实际效果层面也是有优异的主要表现。与此同时Redmi Note 11 Pro 的显示屏适用纸版护眼设置,而且取得了SGS保护视力验证,在荧幕的基本素养层面发挥出色。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 的显示屏还适用120Hz的高刷新频率,在日常应用中带来更畅顺的操纵感受,而且针对喜爱打游戏的用户而言,120Hz的高刷新频率也会让游戏画面更顺畅。Redmi Note 11 Pro 也适用360Hz的触控采样率,可以达到手机游戏用户针对竞技游戏的操纵要求。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 采用的是第五代大猩猩屏幕夹层玻璃,防摔抗刮花,而且直屏的设计方案也更便捷玻璃膜,能够更快的维护手机屏。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 也配备了360°前后左右双光线感应器,能够更快的捕获光线,对手机屏幕开展自动亮度调节,精确的屏幕亮度调节让用户在应用手机上时双眼也更为的舒服。

  Redmi Note 11则是采用了6.6英寸的LCD显示屏,适用90Hz的刷新频率,通过比照我们可以见到,Redmi Note 11 Pro 的外置打孔要更小一些,针对表明的危害也更低。


  Redmi Note 11 Pro 配备4500mAh的大容量锂电池,适用120W的快充,那样的电池充电规格型号一般只发生在旗舰机之中。Redmi Note 11 Pro 采用领域内领先的效率高电荷泵,相互配合MTW多极耳双串锂电芯 合理减少电池充电特性阻抗,减少升温。内嵌MI-FC快速充电技术性,快速充电速率更快。

  通过真实检测,从0-100%,Redmi Note 11 Pro 只需18分钟,速率十分快,在平级其他商品中,那样的电池充电速率名列前茅。

  在检测流程中,Redmi Note 11 Pro 能够长期平稳在98W,让手机上的电池充电速率做到了旗舰级水准。

  对于电池充电安全性的难题,Redmi Note 11 Pro 内嵌多种电池充电安全防范措施,包含内嵌安全性鉴别集成ic,过流保护,过电压保护,温度保护这些,保证手机电池充电的安全性。Redmi Note 11 Pro 的快速充电也接受了德国莱茵TÜV安全验证,让用户能够更安心的应用。


  Redmi Note 11 Pro 配备了一亿像素高清主摄,带来了旗舰的照相感受。其主摄摄像镜头规格型号各自为:

  10800 万超清主摄,1/1.52 英尺超大型底,九合一 2.1μm 大像素,F 1.89。

  800 万超广角相机,120° 超大型角度。

  200 万微距相机,1.75μm 大像素。


  视頻层面,Redmi Note 11 Pro 适用智能化Vlog视频录制,能够全自动移动镜头,盛典,让用户能够轻轻松松拍照出酷炫的Vlog视频內容,在社交媒体上共享更好玩儿的视頻內容。


  Redmi Note 11 Pro 先发了天矶920移动应用平台,天矶920采用了tsmc6nm加工工艺制造,CPU有着2颗A78关键及其6颗A55关键,GPU为Arm Mail-G68,兼具性能的同时还可以做的更低的功能损耗。

  通过评测,Redmi Note 11 Pro 的跑分成49289四分。

  游戏中层面,Redmi Note 11 Pro 能够顺畅的以90帧的帧数运作《王者荣耀》,在检测中,《王者荣耀》的均值帧数做到了89.8FPS,而且手机游戏全过程中无显著的颤动,带来平稳顺畅的游戏感受。

  大家也检测了《和平精英》,在顺畅画面质量下,Redmi Note 11 Pro 能够以120帧的帧数运作,游戏中流程中界面顺畅平稳,均值帧数能够做到59.5FPS。

  根据2款手机游戏的检测,Redmi Note 11 Pro 的总体主要表现或是十分优异的,能够顺畅的运作主流游戏,针对喜爱打游戏的用户而言,Redmi Note 11 Pro 还可以满足你的手游要求。

  对于手机上的导热难题,Redmi Note 11 Pro 也开展了提升,整体机身内嵌了1818mm²的水冷散热均热板,关键遮盖关键SoC及其电池充电集成ic等热原,能够更快的操纵整体机身里面的发烫,相互配合高纯石墨,传热疑胶及其铜泊等排热原材料,能够迅速的将溫度蔓延,进而具有快速降温的实际效果。


  在一些小细节上,Redmi Note 11 Pro 也一样带来了浓浓的诚心。整体机身內部采用的时X轴横着震动马达,振动更索性,在日常键入的情况下,带来十分非常好的振动意见反馈。

  除此之外,Redmi Note 11 Pro 也配备了多用途NFC集成ic,能够将手机上做为门卡,交通卡,汽车钥匙来应用。与此同时,Redmi Note 11 Pro 也适用红外线作用,手机上还可以变成 红外遥控器。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 也进入了IP53级其他日常生活防泼溅维护,日常的应用能够更为的舒心。

  Redmi Note 11 Pro 具有了旗舰的电池充电速率,有着便捷的造型设计及其非常好的性能主要表现,针对年青用户而言是一款十分不错介绍的手机上,在收费层面,Redmi Note 11 Pro 也还持续了过去的超性价比高对策,1999元的开售价钱也提早锁住了双十一的爆品之列。

  而Redmi Note 11尽管在精准定位上应比Redmi Note 11 Pro 低一些,可是依然带来了让人开心的层次感,在同档次段手机上中,Redmi Note 11的长相要愈发的优异,相互配合其1299元的开售价钱,无外乎一个很好的挑选。

美国FBI搜查令公开 特朗普涉嫌3项刑事犯罪





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